Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bellabox March 2014 review

Bellabox is a beauty subscription service that costs $15 a month. This is a good way to trial new and expensive products. You fill out a beauty profile and they try to tailor the products to your beauty needs. I have been subscribed since April or May last year, and love getting the money surprise! 

This months theme is 'beauty diaries' as seen above, not sure how that relates anything. Let's hope the products are good.

I hate sachet samples. Especially when I have paid to receive them, it's alright when I get mailed some free samples directly from the company. But if I'm paying, I'd prefer to get the sample in a easy to use bottle or container. 
Anyhow, end of rant! Pawpaw ointment is great to use for lips, dry skin and plenty of other things. I usually use Lucas's pawpaw ointment, but it will be nice to try this brand. I use it especially on the blisters and callouses on my hands from training! 

I'm unsure about the colour, but I do love nail art and polish! I'm glad I get to try a new colour as I have so many already. This is a fullsized product, so I'm pretty lucky. It looks like this set has a few items to use so it's value for money. 

The next sample that everyone received is a small Pantene shampoo and conditioner sample. A lot of people have said that they don't like Pantene. I don't use this brand, as I use shampoos that are for coloured hair. But I do travel a lot and the size is good for travel. Overall not a wow product, just a boring supermarket brand. Quite a disappointment.

I have used quite a few romy products, I love the hand creams! Especially the cinnamon and cocoa, which happens to be on sale here. So it'll be interesting to try this. I had a smell and this had no smell whatsoever. Especially disappointing as the hand cream smells amazing! But once again, I can use it through my travels.

This glamourflauge face wash is a fullsized product. This'll be a great product to try as I don't have many face washes for home. I'm interested to try the glamourfauge brand, as I've never used it and it's expensive to try a full sized product. If I like it I'd definitely be keen to buy it. I couldn't get a smell, as it was sealed up and I wanted it to remain fresh. 

This was the product I was least happy about, I even sent them an email about it. 1) call me a makeup snob, but I never use modelco. It's cheap and crappy full stop. 2) I Never wear red lipstick, only if I wear a costume and that's not often enough. The colour just doesn't suit my skin tone very well :(
I have previously received 4 other red lip items and am not happy! I hope I can send this back and get a nice pink or other more neutral colour. This was the other full sized product that everyone received. No one was happy with their colour choice, so I think bellabox did a terrible job matching profiles.

Overall, the box I received was a lot better than the previous months. There were a few fullsized products and I'd definitely use all the items except the lipstick. But that's where the good comments end. The box was late, as usual and it didn't match the profile, As usual. So I've decided to unsubscribe, the quality is not worth paying for. Especially as some people receive some samples you can get for free from the company, like the wotnot face wipes (they're amazing, but a sample you can get fro free). I have already subscribed to the Lusthaveit box, for an introductory price of $15, usually $20. From the hints I can see this will be worth the money. With everyone getting a lipgloss, and either eyeliner/concealer, you get value for money. It will be interesting to see how it goes! Please keep an eye out over the next few weeks for the post about it!

If you'd like to subscribe to either box click the link: and


Ps. 8 days til I go to America!

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