Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Me :)

To starts things off I will introduce myself, Hi my name is Marika Fernandez, I am a 21 year old chemical engineering and metallurgy student at Curtin University WA. Sounds boring (and it is haha) but there are small things we do to keep it fun! I love beauty, travelling and recently have been getting into cooking! I live a very carefree life, and love having fun :) My parents live in NYC for my dad's work so I go to visit frequently, I'm pretty much a local now!

 The above picture is of me in my dorm before Kalgoorlie Cup, my first horse races event!

 My "When I grow up" 21st party 

4th of July New York fireworks 2013 

Freakers costume party 2013

Back to school party 2013, with my French girls mwa!

Mum and I in NYC

My cousin, her friend and I in Vancouver

Oktoberfest 2013

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