Tuesday, 25 March 2014

"Off Track Planet's Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke" review

I was waiting in the Arizona airport and stumbled upon this book in the store. I have been moving around the state for a few years after moving out of home and don't have a lot of space for extra things like books and dvds. So I bought an ipad to read all my books and mags on (as well as other things). So I decided to buy it on Itunes, which worked out cheaper as well! I read the entire book on the flight to Vancouver, once I got engrossed, I just couldn't stop. Travel guides are normally quite dry, boring and outdated. But this struck me as a fun, fresh and most importantly young guide. 

This book was written by 5 well traveled backpackers who met in a Brooklyn hostel. The way it's sectioned off is perfect for a young clueless traveler.
There are 3 parts:
  • Inspiration: This is the biggest section and is broken down into the different things you can do/see while travelling: adventure, partying, art, fashion, music and food. The best thing is it tells you information about many different places, which is why it's inspiring. I found out about whitewater rafting and poutine through this book! 
  • Get your shit together: As crude as this sounds, it is a great section that discusses the fine details of travelling. Such as accomodation, safety and partying. Theyhave prevented this from sounding like a lecture, by adding in facts and being realistic about the things us young adults do. A prime example is the mile high club section! 
  • Make yourself useful: After all the fun they add in a section about volunteering and how to give back to communities. This is such a refreshing topic to end with. There are many ideas to suit every type of person, and it really shows that even as a young adult we can make a difference.

The way this book is written is light and fun, the approach they took with the book is so casual. Although, this is mostly about backpacking it is good for any young person to read and get ideas from. I love the fact they always show you ways to save money, because I always feel I need to spend a lot of money when travelling and that's not true.Sometimes it's more fun to spend some time in a hostel and skip out on the fancy hotels. I highly recommend it to any of my friends that love travelling as much as I do, I'm even contemplating reading it again!

Do you have a go to travel book you just love?

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