Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Why I love my Ipad

Usually I am not one to buy into trends. Especially with technology; the only time I buy something new is when the previous item was not working or just didn't suit my needs anymore. But when I scored 2 $100 vouchers for mentoring I did at uni, I decided I needed to spend them on something worthwhile. As I travel a lot and my laptop is too heavy to carry to uni, I did a lot of pondering and decided buying an ipad would be worth it. When they first came out, I wasn't sold by the idea, but realistically analysing the uses for it I came to the conclusion it's a worth the price. Althogether I would've spent $100-$150 with the vouchers, keeping in mind I got an Ipad 2 with no data connection. I couldn't justify spending an extra $100 for "retina images" or some marketing crap.
But still, I do not regret this decision! Reasons to buy an ipad:
  • Reading: I contemplated buying an ereader, but why bother when all you can do is read on it? my Ipad is great for reading books, lecture notes, magazines, blogs and so much more! You can easily highlight, annotate, search and get the most out of whatever you're reading. One of the things alot of anti-ebook people say is "There is a possibility of it dying", this is not gonna happen often. Reading apps and webpages actually uses little battery and I've had situations where I've gone into a lecture on 20% and the ipad has lasted the entire time.
  • Travelling: Why lug around your laptop when this fits into you purse/bag and is light?! you can get all the essentials on your ipad, with the exception of a few luxuries. But are those luxuries worth lugging around a huge laptop?
  • Apps: There really is an app for everything, and I have found so many amazing apps to make my life easier and more enjoyable. There are travel apps, beauty apps and even a mini-oldschool word processor! 
  • Games: So many cute and fun games to play. The screen size makes it easy to use and play.
  • Uni or work: you can use adobe reader to write on PDFs, as well as use calculators, converters and even language apps. 
Plus so many more things you can do! I am even writing this blog post on mine :)
Verdict:a must buy and well worth the price! Let me know your experiences with either an ipad or other tablets.

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