Wednesday, 2 April 2014

St. Louis, MO

Hey guys, sorry for the late post I've have spotty reception for a bit! At the moment I'm on a greyhound bus to rolla, Missouri for the competition. Over the last day I flew from freezing New York to St. Louis in a tiny tin can plane, trecked to our hotel in the rain, visited the arch to be disappointed, watched a hockey game and bowled at midnight!

                                                        My team :)

After meeting the rest of the gang at their hotel lobby, we got a transfer to Newark airport in New Jersey. We split into 2 smaller groups to fit in the cabs. When we arrived, we could not find the other half of our group and assumed they had checked in and were waiting. Our group leader went in search of them and we realised they were not waiting. They were at the wrong terminal! So we grouped up at a pub and had a nice, but expensive, lunch and drinks. I had a chicken, avocado and chipotle sandwich with a rum and coke. Delicious! So worth it. We finished up and boarded the tiny plane, most of our team were dreadfully hungover and sleep deprived so it was a fairly quiet flight. 
upon reaching St. Louis, we took a train to our hotel. It was a local train so it was packed with commuters. Coincidentally, it started to rain as we walked to the hotel! We were drenched by the time we got there, and chilled in the room for a bit. 
The view we got was amazing, we could see the famous arch so we decided to visit it before the hockey game. Upon arrival, we realise it was a) booked out and b) closing :( so we took some rainy pics and left, deciding we should head to the game soon.

                               The arch!

The hockey game was held in the home of the St. Louis blues, the Scottrade Centre. It was huge and filled with people! We got some food, I got the Philly cheesesteak sandwich, my favourite! It was so yummy. Shortly after, the game started and we watched with anxiousness as the players bumped, hit, broke hokey sticks and scored. It was a close game, but eventually the blues won. Overall it was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of it, except the cold and jet lag.

After, the team split and some went to sleep while a group of 6 of us went in search of a pub or bar to explore. As we walked down the dead streets, we saw a bright flamingo and decided to investigate. To our delight, it was an all night bowling bar! This place was lovely, it was a retro punk style... Perfect :) they played a lot of old punk songs I used to love as a teen. 
So we paid $8 each for 2 games, got ourselves some drinks and started. I was absolutely terrible at it, but I still had fun! My name was " 'murica!" That's gonna get old fast haha :) I didn't play the third game, so I went to get a round of drinks. Somehow the name of the beer got lost between us and I said we wanted a "(whatever I thought was the name of the beer) or my friend said something about a fire drink?" So he poured this huge shot. I said it was a beer and laughed, thankfully my friend came back and cleared it up, turns out she was mistaken haha. So we had this shot and he offered to give it for free, so my friend bought another one and we did it together! It was a cinemon whiskey, but tasted amazing! So good. We got talking to the bar tender about tips and he said he travelled around Australia with his band "story of the year" I've heard of this band before and may have seen them at soundwave :) my friend and I were happily tipsy from that delightful shot!
Finally, we finish off at the alley and proceed to walk home. The weather was nice, and we pass a staue of a bull fighting a bear. So we pose and take many silly pictures :) so much fun. When we end up back, we all snuck in and fell straight to sleep. As it was 2am and we had to be up at 6:30 for the greyhound to rolla! 

Currently, it's a beautiful rainy, cloudy day. Nice to be inside a bus! Only thing missing is a cup of tea, a blanket and the boy! I feel full from my brekky of Starbucks vanilla macchiato and a cinemon scroll :) 

That's it for now! I don't have a laptop, so expect more pictures later :)

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