Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hello from Hong Kong airport!

[oh gosh! I don't think this published! Sorry for the late post]

After a late flight from perth to Hong Kong, I finally get a break! Hated the 4am wake up :( mind my grubbiness, I look pretty rank atm. Wearing the team travel dress shirt, which is surprisingly more comfortable than expected.

The next flight is 15.5 hours long ugh :( gonna die! I plan to have a wine and take a nap, til I get to New York. It's so beautiful outside! Very cloudy, bad for flying but looks amazing!

Beautiful mountains in the background of one of my team mates! We're all crammed into a set of 12 seats so some people are lying on the ground. Loving the space before the crammed flight... I'm off to use the free wifi! xx

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